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Dr Rosy Daniel

Welcome! Meet Dr Rosy Daniel

Integrative Medicine Consultant 

Hello there! Thank you for your interest in consulting with me for a ‘best of all worlds’ integrative medicine approach to improve your health and wellbeing. This is a powerful way to regenerate your health and wellbeing that is proven to help reverse and prevent lifestyle illness. I work with people with cancer, heart disease, digestive and hormonal problems, diabetes, arthritis, depression and obesity and have now helped many thousands of people over three decades to deal positively with difficult diagnoses in order to turn things around and get you into the driving seat.  

After taking your history and finding out your current state and needs, I will introduce you to the medical, nutritional, therapeutic and self-help approaches that could make the most difference to your condition. We work together to get to the root cause of illness and create an empowering programme to improve your medical outcomes, reduce symptoms, improve your quality of life, strengthen your coping skills and generate a positive mental attitude.

I work online via Zoom or Skype and also offer Telephone Consultations, depending on your preference.


My clinic runs every Thursday from 8.30am-4.00 pm.

​If you have any questions before consulting with me, do complete the contact form below and we'll be happy to assist you. My Helpline number is 01225-745737 and my Assistant will answer calls and any messages that you leave between 9 to 12 am on weekdays.

Dr Daniel has a first-class BSc degree in Physiology and an MBBCh in Medicine. She trained as a GP in Bristol. She is registered and validated with the General Medical Council, Registration number 2829308. 

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How do I work?

Find out the details of the services I offer and how my consultations work by clicking the link below. Here you will also find important information on fees and cancellations, and instructions on how to best prepare for your appointment with me.

Take my introductory course for people with cancer

Working within the holistic approach to health may be new to you and especially when dealing with cancer, there is a big learning curve and often an overwhelming amount of information coming your way from friends, family and the internet. I have laid out all the basics that you need to understand the basis of this approach in a course called  'Discovering the Integrative Healthcare Approach to Cancer'.

This course is hosted on the Health and Wellbeing Trust Charity E-Learning Platform and will get you off to a great start in mapping and navigating this field to find a path that is exactly right for you. 

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“So much has changed over the years, and Dr Rosy Daniel has been a major force in the evolution and awareness of positive health generally and to holistic cancer self-help movement specifically. Rosy has given so many people hope and empowered them to take charge of their own lives and their own healing journey. She has shown again and again that there IS another way!”

— Hayley Mills

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