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About Dr Rosy Daniel 

Dr Rosy Daniel studied medicine in Cardiff and General Practice in Bristol. She then studied the holistic approach to health during 15 years as first Doctor, then Medical Director and Chief Executive at the pioneering Bristol Cancer Help Centre (now Penny Brohn Cancer Care). 


  • Physiology BSc First Class Honours 1980 Cardiff

  • Stone Prize for Physiology 1980

  • Medical qualification MBBCh 1983 University Hospital of Wales

  • GP Training 1986-1989 Bristol

  • Integrative Medicine Training 1989-1996 Bristol

  • Medical Director Bristol Cancer Help Centre 1996-1999

  • From 1989 to present author of seven books on cancer, its prevention and effective self-help

  • Medical Director Health Creation 2000 to present

  • Director of the British College of Integrative Medicine 2007 to 2012

  • Founder and Project Leader of the Health and Wellbeing Trust 2015 to 2022

  • Gained approval from the UK and International Health Coaching Association for the Health Creation Coaching and Mentorship Diploma 2023

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Core values

Healthy woman out in nature making a heart shape with her hands

My approach is built upon the holistic approach to health which has at its heart, the idea that the health of our body, mind, spirit and environment are inextricably linked.


This means that problems arising at any of these levels will affect all the others and conversely that if we strengthen any of these levels then others will be strengthened too.


In understanding and improving our health we must attend to the health and nourishment of all aspects of ourselves. Most particularly, to be really well, we must base our lives upon the fulfillment of our own authentic desires, needs and purpose, moving bit by bit away from influences which really do not serve us.


When working with clients, I will always look to see what may have been the root cause of illness and how each individual can become involved in finding their own way back into a healthy, happy and exciting relationship to themselves and the life they lead.


To assist in the clarification of the factors which affect our health and happiness I have created the Picture of Health self-assessment tool. I encourage all clients to complete their own Picture of Health in preparation for our initial consultation to help assess the current state of their health and wellbeing.


Above all I will ensure that my clients feel:

  • Cared for and listened to

  • Supported unconditionally

  • That their programme is realistic and achievable

  • Empowered to succeed

  • Well informed and well guided

  • Always treated as a unique individual

  • Helped to become fully independent

  • Encouraged to reach their full potential in life

  • That they are the greatest expert on themselves and the leader of their health care team!


2008 The Online Picture of Health (Health Creation)

2005 The Cancer Directory (Harper Thorsons)

2003 The Cancer Lifeline Kit (Health Creation).

2003 The Health Creation Programme (Health Creation)

2003 The Carer’s Guide (Health Creation)

2003 Eat to Beat Cancer by Dr Rosy Daniel and Jane Sen (Thorsons)

2002 The Cancer Prevention Book (Hunter House USA)

2001 The Cancer Prevention Book (Simon and Schuster)

2000 Living With Cancer (Robinsons)

1999 Research – Meeting the Needs of People with Cancer for Support and Self-Management

1989 Loving Medicine (Gateway Books)


Over a 25 year career in Integrative Medicine, I have achieved notable successes in my patient and educational work, writing, broadcasting and organisational consultancy, and in collaboration with His Royal Highness King Charles 111 when he was HRH the Prince of Wales on the promotion of Integrative Medicine.


There are clients of mine who had serious cancer still living 20 and 30 years on from their original diagnosis. Click here to read the inspiring story of Gillian Gill, living on from her diagnosis of stage 4 ovarian cancer in 2000! 

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