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The Consultation

I offer consultations weekly on a Thursday, these are conducted by Zoom, Skype or Telephone. We ask that you indicate your preference when booking. 

During your initial consultation, which lasts for 60 minutes, I will:

  • Take your personal and medical history

  • Elicit your current state and needs

  • Check the medical treatment and tests that you are having to make sure that you are getting state of the art medical help

  • Explain and explore the options for your personalised programme

  • Create your bespoke personalised programme so that you can get the best of all worlds, medical, therapeutic and self-help.


After your session I will send you a comprehensive report to ensure you are confident about your next steps, it will provide you with:

  • Relevant advice or explanations about your medical treatment and any second opinions suggested

  • Recommendations for the proposed therapy, support, self-help, nutritional supplements and guidelines for a low-acid wholefood diet

  • Information about receiving support from a Health Creation Mentor to keep you fully focused on making and sustaining healthy changes.

Couple practicing Tai Chi together

What I offer

I will  guide you through the information and choices that you are making, including:

  • Supporting you through your reaction to diagnosis and helping you to set up your support network at home

  • Helping you to understand your condition and the medical treatment options on offer from your medical team so that you can choose what is absolutely right for you

  • Safely integrating orthodox medical, complementary and self-help approaches

  • How to minimise the symptoms of illness and side effects of treatment through use of complementary medicines

  • Creating an individualised self-help programme, built around your unique circumstances and needs, to help you regain your strength, health, and peace of mind

  • And after we have set up your programme, working with a Health Creation Mentor through my Health Creation Programme  to keep you fully focused on your programme, and making the healthy changes to your life, your beliefs and your patterns which are vital for healing.

How do I work?

My approach to healthcare is holistic. This means that I look at all that factors that are contributing to your health and illness, physical, emotional, social, spiritual and environmental. We identify any aspects of your lifestyle and current patterns which may be contributing to dis-ease and set about rectifying these. We look at your emotional health and whether you are suffering emotionally from wounds past or present and set in place emotional support and healing that is needed. We explore the state of your spirit - whether you are living with meaning, purpose and fulfilment and where this is lacking, we look for ways to re-light your fire and get you burning brightly again. I also check to make sure that you are getting the best medical care available for your condition, pointing you towards pioneering approaches that could work for you. 

Booking Information

To book an appointment go to ‘Make a Booking’.

If you need assistance with this or have questions before booking please complete our contact form to request support or give us a call on the Clinic Helpline: 01225 -745737 between 9 and 12am on weekdays



Initial 60 minute appointment and personalised report - £190 

30 minute follow up appointment - £95

15 minute exploratory appointment - £50

Fees are payable upon booking via our online payment portal. They can also be paid by card via our Helpline 01225-745737 between 9 and 12 am weekdays.


Please let us know by email to if you need to re-schedule your appointment due to a medical emergency. For cancellations for non-urgent medical matters, we require a minimum of 24 hours’ notification, otherwise your appointment fee will be charged. 


Audit and Feedback

From time to time I perform audits on my service to assess its quality and helpfulness and to inform my annual medical re-validation requirements. You may be asked to complete an audit questionnaire to help me with this evaluation process.

Thank you in advance for your help if you feel able to participate. 


Preparing for your appointment

If you have cancer

You may wish to prepare for your consultation with:

  1. The Message of Hope film which you can find on You Tube showing former clients who have benefitted greatly from the holistic approach to cancer. 

  2. The Picture of Health – holistic self-assessment tool to work out your starting place in your self-help programme. This shows you where you are strong and where you are vulnerable or taking risks in your self-care.

  3. My book ‘The Cancer Directory’ – This can be purchased from Amazon or other online booksellers

  4. My full self-help kit 'The Cancer Lifeline Kit’ which I self-published through Health Creation. 

The Cancer Lifeline Kit Includes:

  • Three workbooks for the time of diagnosis and treatment;  for your recovery journey; for your carers

  • Three self-help CDs to help you cope positively with treatment and learn relaxation, visualisation and meditation techniques

  • Jane Sen’s healthy recipe cards

  • An inspiring ‘Message of Hope’ DVD.


I recommend that once we have had our session and set up your programme that you engage Mentorship support to work through this pack so that you can be guided, supported and motivated to make all the positive steps you need to get you strong, positive, fit and healthy again

Pre-Consultation preparation for those with other conditions
If you do not have cancer, I recommend that you complete the Picture of Health self-assessment exercise to form a good basis for discussion of your current health, lifestyle and the problems you are currently experiencing. To purchase and complete your Picture of Health simply click here

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