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Dr Rosy Daniel offers the following trainings:

Dr Daniel offers the following lectures and can be asked to give comment on the following subjects: 

  • The Integrative Approach to Health & Illness – an overview of the philosophy, theory, practice and science underpinning the holistic approach to medicine and preventive healthcare.
  • The Inconvenient Truth about Health: Diffusing the 21st Century health timebomb
  • The Therapeutic Relationship in Integrative Medicine
  • The Integrated Approach to Cancer Care
  • Health Creation – the new proactive health paradigm - How to Motivate Change in Health-Defining Behaviour
  • Healing Foods – an overview of the role of diet in cancer aetiology, with guidance on the safe use of dietary approaches and vitamin and mineral supplementation in the prevention and treatment support of people with cancer.
  • Psychoneuroimmunology & Health - a lecture summarising: Current understanding of mind/body interaction emerging from the field of PNI, History and current understanding of the role of the mind in disease processes; Practical applications of mind/body techniques for the promotion of health and wellbeing

Dr Daniel offers the Health Creation Seminar series based upon:

  • The Health Creation Start Up Seminar
  • Seminars for each of the 12 Health Creation Principles
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