Do you have a cancer diagnosis?
Do you need help to turn your situation around?

Health Creation Week in Provence

Monastere de Segries, Provence

led by Dr Rosy Daniel and her therapy team Rowena Beaumont, Jeremy Colledge with support from Mike Tooze.

Come and join us for a deeply nurturing week to restore your strength and engage in the most powerful and effective self-help approaches, in the beauty of the Gorge du Verdon, Provence.

No-one wants to deal with cancer and its treatment, but a shock like this can be the wake up call we need to get our lives onto a healthier and happier basis than ever before. Let us help you transform the crisis of illness during a profound and positive week that will bring you and your immune system back to radiant life.

We will help to move you from passive patient into ful empowerment, developing your physical, emotional and spiritual intelligence to know what is right for you and your healing.

We will guide you to find the very best of all worlds, medical, therapeutic and self-help to give you first-rate outcomes. The huge range of options on the internet can be overwhelming and Dr Daniel and her team will cut through this confusion to guide you in making the best and most effective choices in your personalised regenerative health programme.

This is a rare opportunity for people with cancer and their supporters to ‘stop the world and get off’, in order to make sense of what is happening; to find the opportunity within the crisis of cancer for a healthier and happier new life. By changing our relationship to ourselves and to life we can exchange old habits and lifestyles which drain and deplete us for those which energise, excite and nourish us.

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