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The Health Creation Principles

The Health Creation Principles are the foundation of Dr Daniel’s holistic approach to health. Based on scientific evidence and over 20 years’ experience as a doctor, she has defined a dozen principles on which our health depends.

The state of our health is related to life balance and health in all areas of body, mind, spirit and the environment in which we live and work. It is also strongly related to how we look after ourself and what is termed our ‘health-defining behaviour’.

A simple exercise called the Picture of Health provides at a glance an assessment of your health status and risk. This can be used, along with a consultation with Dr Daniel, to help shape an effective programme to help achieve the very best health and reduce the risk factors that predict poor health now and in later life.

The Picture of Health costs £12 and can be purchased  here.

The Health Creation Principles

At the level of care for the body and relationship to ourselves:

1.    To nourish the body with healthy food
2.   To keep the body fit and relaxed
3.    To free the body of toxic chemicals

At the level of mind and emotions, and relationship to others:

4. To have a bright, clear mind, free from stress, fear and anxiety
5. To enjoy healthy loving relationships with others
6. To express safely current and past emotions

At the level of spirit and relationship to life:

7. To have clear purpose, meaning and joy in living
8. To enjoy high levels of energy or vitality
9. To nourish and free your spirit and live in conscious connection with the source of life

At the level of environment and our relationship to nature, our community and our surroundings:

10. To live and work in harmonious, beautiful environments
11. To belong to and actively serve your communities
12. To live in conscious, respectful relationship to nature

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