Role of a Regenerative Health Consultant

It is important to understand the role of a Regenerative Health Consultant.

Having considered carefully your current state, medication and past medical history, Dr Daniel provides advice about forming a safe and effective Regenerative Health Programme. Thereafter, she will recommend the correct level of therapeutic and coaching support for you to undertake until you are sustainably engaged in the process of achieving measurable improvement of your health and well-being. She will follow your progress closely and will fine-tune your programme with you over time in order for you to achieve optimum health, energy and well-being.

Whilst your medical care will remain with your GP or Consultant, Dr Daniel’s support will be integrated safely alongside those of your normal medical team to improve your health and wellbeing. Your medical screening and investigation of any new symptoms must be arranged in the usual way through your existing medical team. In this way progress on your Regenerative Health Programme can be assessed during your routine medical visits and tests providing you and Dr Daniel and the team vital feedback on your progress.

Dr Daniel does not provide an emergency out-of-hour’s service and your acute medical needs must always be taken to your normal GP or hospital consultant.  She will, however, be your health advocate, empowering you to get the very best of all health options, orthodox, complementary, psycho-spiritual and self-help.

Dr Daniel only will write with your express permission to your doctors about your Regenerative Health Programme in order to maintain your privacy.