Integrative Medicine puts loving care and empowerment at the heart of all consultations

The Health and Wellbeing Trust and the British College of Integrative Medicine

Dr Daniel is Director of the British College of Integrative Medicine which is operated by the Health and Wellbeing Trust (HWT) charity in Bath. With the support of this pioneering charity Rosy and her team established Europe’s first university accredited Postgraduate Diploma in the Study of Integrative Medicine (IM) for doctors and nurses. The first course started in 2009 with the support of academic partner Professor Karol Sikora, Dean of the University of Buckingham Medical School and Director of Cancer Partners UK. The first students graduated in Buckingham in February 2012 heralding a new dawn in the professionalisation of Integrative Medicine in the UK. Since the time, leadership in academic IM education has been taken over by the National Centre for Integrative Medicine, Bristol under the leadership of Dr Elizabeth Thompson whilst the HWT focussed on meeting the Continuing Professional Development needs of doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals in sustainable healthcare solutions for the 21st centure.

The HWT charity also provides patient bursaries to help those in financial need to receive holistic healthcare and is currently fund-raising for both patient bursaries and student bursaries. To provide support for the charity or follow the news, information and courses go to

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