Integrative Medicine puts loving care and empowerment at the heart of all consultations

Core Values

The Regenerative Health Programme is built upon the holistic approach to health which has at its heart the idea that the health of our body, mind, spirit and environment are inextricably linked.

This means that problems arising at any of these levels will affect all the others and conversely that if we strengthen any of these levels then others will be strengthened too.

In understanding and improving our health we must attend to the health and nourishment of all aspects of ourselves. Most particularly, to be really well, we must base our lives upon the fulfillment of our own authentic desires, needs and purpose, moving bit by bit away from influences which really do not serve us.

When working with clients, Dr Daniel will always look to see what may have been the root cause of illness and how each individual can become involved in finding their own way back into a healthy, happy and exciting relationship to themselves and the life they lead.

To assist in the clarification of the factors which affect our health and happiness Dr Daniel has created the Health Creation Principles. Our current state of holistic health is initially assessed by performing the Picture of Health self-assessment exercise, which forms part of the preparation for Dr Daniel’s initial consultation.

Above all Dr Daniel will ensure that the client feels:

  • Cared for and listened to
  • Supported unconditionally
  • That their programme is realistic and achievable
  • Empowered to succeed
  • Well informed and well guided
  • Always treated as a unique individual
  • Helped to become fully independent
  • Encouraged to reach their full potential
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