“Integrative Medicine puts loving care and empowerment at the heart of all consultations”

Dr Rosy Daniel


Dr Rosy Daniel BSc MBBCh
Regenerative Health Consultant Consultant

  • Physiology BSc First Class Honours 1980 Cardiff
  • Stone Prize for Physiology 1980
  • Medical qualification MBBCh 1983 University Hospital of Wales
  • GP Training 1986-1989 Bristol
  • Integrative Medicine Training 1989-1996 Bristol
  • Medical Director Bristol Cancer Help Centre 1996-1999
  • Medical Director Health Creation 2000 to present
  • Director of the British College of Integrative Medicine 2007 to present
  • Regenrative Health Consultant to the Health and Wellbeing Trust 2007 to present

After gaining a First Class Physiology degree in Cardiff in 1980, and a medical qualification from the University Hospital of Wales in 1983, Dr Daniel trained as a General Practitioner in Bristol. The illness of a close friend led her to become interested in the mind-body connection. In 1985 she joined the Bristol Cancer Help Centre where she studied complementary medicine and psychological and self-help approaches. Moved by the phenomenal self-healing journeys she witnessed at Bristol, she was inspired to write her first book Loving Medicine (Gateway Books, 1989).

Having trained for three years as a GP, Dr Daniel then returned to the Bristol Cancer Help Centre in 1989 and spent the next ten years studying, researching, developing, and practicing what has become known worldwide as ‘Integrative Medicine’. The hallmark of this work has been to enable people with cancer to get the best of both worlds, orthodox and complementary, whilst becoming actively involved in their own self-healing process.

Dr Daniel became Medical Director and CEO of Bristol Cancer Help Centre and won the patronage of HRH the Prince of Wales for the Centre in 1997.  Her focus group research conducted at Bristol in 1998 provided ample evidence of the need of people with cancer for proactive support and self-help within the community. To this end Dr Daniel published a self-help kit for people with cancer and their carers known as the Cancer Lifeline Kit in 2003.

At the time of the millenium, Dr Daniel felt it was time to take what she had learned from helping people with cancer and develop a proactive health coaching approach for individuals and organisations known as ‘Health Creation’. She has already trained circa 400 Health Creation Mentors in Britain, Denmark, Ireland and Egypt. Twenty of these Mentors have gone on to become Health Creation Consultants taking this approach into hospitals, school and businesses to create a positive health culture to boost the health and well-being of staff. The first big success was the 12 month project at the Cromwell Hospital in London where stress levels dropped by 30% and energy levels rose by 40%, whilst 80% of those who were ill at the start of the programme developed ‘good’ or ‘very good’ health. health Mentoring with 28 NHS Leaders showed similarly impressive results with improvement of mood, motivation and all aspects of wellbeing.

Dr Daniel is committed to helping people become more involved in the creation of their optimum health and happiness, whether they are currently suffering from illness or seeking to prevent it. Her new scientifically based Regenerative Health Programme is at the forefront of preventive healthcare and offers specialised, individualised care and support from Dr Daniel and her select team of mentors, therapists and trainers to achieve measurable health gain. With the health service facing the biggest challenge ever through soaring levels of preventable lifestyle related illness, Dr Daniel’s approach is timely and is already making a real difference to many people by preventing illness, reversing disease and promoting peak health and happiness.

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