“Coronary heart disease can be reversed by simple lifestyle changes”

Dr Dean Ornish


The pages in the drop-down menu will open in a new tab on your browser and contain published, peer-reviewed research that supports the core elements of the Regenerative Health Programme. Most papers featured can be read in full online by following the link, others might only provide a short abstract but these are very useful when browsing a topic and looking for an overview of results.

The PubMed database, which is the largest source of published medical research, has many features that are helpful for people looking for more in depth information; simply click on ‘related citations’ and you will open up a channel of additional papers to follow. Or look at the list of references at the end of papers that interest you and either follow a link to new papers or cut and paste the title into Google Scholar and pick up the trail that way.

The Health and Wellbeing Trust has an online evidence, news and information on its health-e-information platform at www.healthelearning.org

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