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Welcome to my October news update with the pick of the most interesting stories in health and wellbeing over the last month. Please explore these new findings and be sure to share them with your friends, families and colleagues.

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Clean Environment and Wellbeing

Environment and health

A clean environment is essential for human health and well-being. At the same time, the local environment can also be a source of stressors – for example air pollution, noise, hazardous chemicals – that negatively affect health. The health of the EU population is also adversely affected by climate change, through heatwaves, floods and changes in the distribution of vector-borne diseases. At a broader level, climate change, loss of biodiversity, and land degradation can also impact on human well-being by threatening the delivery of ecosystem services, such as access to freshwater and food production.

Read an extract from this European Environment Agency Article

Trees and Offsetting your Carbon Footprint

In this Tree Triage guide, we’ll cover: What your carbon footprint is, How trees can reduce your carbon footprint, How to measure your carbon footpring And much more! So, if you want to understand more about how your carbon footprint is impacting the planet and how trees can lower it, keep reading! The fact that fossil fuels that produce greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide cause climate change is now well accepted. Every human being consumes products and services that release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Our contribution to the aggregate greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere is known as our carbon footprint.

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Technology and Mental Health

How Email Can Negatively Impact Your Mental Health (and What To Do About It)

Email is stressful. That could be a baffling statement to some, but millions of people experience the scourge of email first-hand. This article will teach you everything you need to know about email and mental health. The needy client that demands round-the-clock attention. The boss who’s still organizing reports at 11 pm. The “one-up” company culture that expects employees to “go the extra mile” when out of the office. People are more connected than ever before. When these situations inevitably spill over into your email inbox, they begin to affect your everyday life. Bad emailing habits are not just “inconvenient,” they can be fundamentally damaging for staff members’ mental health and productivity. This guide will show you how email can negatively affect mental health, along with steps employees and managers can take to reduce email-related stress.

Click here to read the full Website Planet Article

Homeopathic Medicine

An Analysis of Four Government-Funded Reviews of Research on Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopathic medicine has been a controversial system of medicine for over 200 years. Today, homeopathy is a part of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), as well as a component of the emerging field of nanopharmacology. Around 100 million Europeans are estimated to use homeopathic medicine. In 1998, homeopathy was the most frequently used CAM therapy in five out of fourteen surveyed countries in Europe and was among the three most frequently used CAM therapies in six of the remaining nine surveyed countries. 

Read the full Cureus Article

Optimizing the Immune System

How To Optimize Your Immune System & Fight Viruses with Dr Roger Seheult

Dr. Rangan Chatterjee’s recent podcast episode is all about the immune system and his guest is Dr Roger Seheult. He is a California based medical doctor, who practises as a critical care doctor also specialising in pulmonology and sleep. Although you might expect an intensive care doctor to be concerned only with emergency medicine and quick fixes, Dr Seheult is really passionate about prevention. And when it comes to understanding inflammation and immunity, I can’t think of a better person to explain the science. Whether you’re worried about coronavirus, you want to avoid other winter bugs, or your goal is fending off chronic disease, I think you will find this conversation really useful.

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Nutritional Therapy and COVID-19

Nutritional Therapy Strategies for Long-COVID 

With the so-called curse of “Long-COVID” estimated to affect a third of people post-infection, the legacy of this virus is set to disrupt populations for years to come. It is still unclear as to why some people experience the virus more, or less, severely, and why prolonged symptoms linger in some but not in others. Inevitably there are still more questions than answers as the studies play catch-up with the reality of people living their lives blighted by persistent symptoms. Dubbed as ‘long-haulers’ these people are now seeking therapeutic strategies to alleviate and support long-COVID symptoms in a bid to get back to full health as quickly as possible.

Read the full BANT Article

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 Researcher – Sophie Daniel, Health and Wellbeing Trust 

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