Organisational Health Consultancy

Health Creation at Work is the consultancy designed by Dr Rosy Daniel to enable entire organisations to assess their current health culture. This process also starts with a Picture of Health but in this context the employees are asked how their organisation is making them health aware, teaching them, supporting them, assessing them and resourcing them in relation to their health and well-being.

Health at work is now high on the Government agenda as £13 billion per year is lost to the British economy through ill health. Business case studies in the USA, Sweden and now Britain are now showing that investment in proactive healthcare in the workplace is not only good for the people, it is great for the business, showing an up to 1 in 6 return on investment for the forward looking businesses who provide this type of enlightened care for their people. See

Health Creation Consultant Mac Jeffrey has pioneered the Health Creation in Schools service and is currently working with the teachers from 18 Bristol schools and also on a one-to-one School Leaders Programme. To find out more see or call 01225 745766.